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Smrekovec is the name for 15km long pre-alpine ridge, which is situated on the crossroads of the Šalek, the Upper Savinja and the Upper Meža valleys. The Smrekovec highland ridge begins on the east with the pass Sleme, where the ridge first lifts up with the peak of Smrekovec. The ridge continues across Smrekovec to peaks such as Krnes, Komen and Veliki Travnik, which smoothly rise from a gently undulating landscape. The Smrekovec highland ridge ends by the pass Bela Peč on the western side and it passes over Raduha on the diary Vodole. The natural environment of the Smrekovec highland ridge is according to nature conditions a speciality and of high value. Highland meadows and forests have namely still managed to preserve nature which is nowadays treated as Slovenian and European heritage.


11.07.2006: New POSTCARDS
New postcards created in the project “Stand up for Smrekovec” are available in mountain huts on Smrekovec highlands…
03.05.2006: About the new project...
In the local newspaper List we write about our recent project...
05.04.2006: New LEAFLET
Within the project "Impact of Environmental Changes on Smrekovec highlands" we issued a new leaflet...


06.06.2006: On the World Day of Environment
25.05.2006: INVITATION to the World Day of Environment
26.09.2004: Leaflet »Let's keep Smrekovec alive«
Leaflet »Let's keep Smrekovec alive« has been published on the occasion of the tradition hiking tour to Smrekovec on 26 September 2005.

BECAUSE it is an important water resource

The Smrekovec highland ridge has a lot of surface water. Water gathers in abundant tributaries which may percolate underground in the contact with the permeable calcareous bedrock. They reach the surface in the valleys through karst springs. Some springs are important water captures.

BECAUSE the Smrekovec highland ridge is a part of the net NATURA 2000

– a programme of the European Commission for the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna und flora. The countryside of Smrekovec is recognized as a value of European importance.



Respect the forest

It is not allowed to exaggerate by picking forest fruits, they are important food for animals - Do not walk off the marked paths - Do not make excessive noise, especially not in the spring - Save the anthills.

Friendly visiting

Leave your car in the valley - It is better to go on foot - It is allowed to drive by vehicles and bikes only on forest roads - It is not allowed to drive by snowmobiles, off-road motors or ATVs in the natural environment - Dogs must be kept on lines - No tents and no fires in the countryside - No rubbish may be dumped here.


BECAUSE it is the only volcanic highland ridge in Slovenia

An example of andesitic tuff
An example of andesitic tuff
The Smrekovec volcanism occurred in the Upper Oligocene age: Oligocene and Miocene. The characteristic rock is andesite and andesitic tuff. The peri-Adriatic lineament – the tectonic zone goes under the northern slopes. It is the one, which divides the African and the European tectonic plate. The bedrock gave the external appearance to the highland ridge. It differs from its neighbours such as Plešivec, Raduha or Peca with its smooth ridge and rounded peaks. The type of the bedrock dictated the evolution of plants and animal specialities. Tuff is named after andesite, a fine grained volcanic rock. The name comprises the rock of consolidated volcanic ash (tuff) and lavas of andesitic composition (andesite).


BECAUSE it is the botanical speciality

Stemless Gentian (Gentiana acaulis)
Stemless Gentian (Gentiana acaulis)
358 plants have been recorded on the Smrekovec highland ridge. They represent almost 10 % of all flora in Slovenia, what proofs the area’s high biotic diversity. 26 of them are endangered. The highland ridge is one of the rare non-carbonate areas above the tree line, and because of this fact you can find here very rare plants in Slovenia.


BECAUSE it is a living place of rare animals

Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) is on the list of protected species.
Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) is on the list of protected species.
The highland ridge and the forests are a home of many endangered species. You can find here many rare birds. The Smrekovec highland ridge is the biggest area of a capercaillie in southern Europe. The forest will surprise you with numerous anthills. While walking through the countryside we can meet coloured butterflies.


BECAUSE it has a forest – our green lungs

The cultural landscape of grasslands and dwarf pine scrubs is an important ecosystem and a recognizable image of the ridge.
The cultural landscape of grasslands and dwarf pine scrubs is an important ecosystem and a recognizable image of the ridge.
A spruce fir is the most common tree type on the Smrekovec highland ridge, there is still some original beech forest on some places. The area of Pudgersko is the only primary wild growing location of Pinus cembra in Slovenia. The upper part of the ridge does not have favourable conditions for forest, therefore people changed it to highland pasture meadows.

Therefore: Let's keep Smrekovec alive