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Our efforts to preserve the nature go forward …


The Nature Conservation Union Smrekovec joins societies that have in common efforts to conserve nature and sustainable development on the Smrekovec highlands. The union establishment is a continuation of work which was especially intensive in the year 2004 with the projects of the Civil group. We would like to stimulate local societies and people into an active participation in a sustainable development and the preservation of our natural heritage.
The initiative for the establishment of the Union has risen among members of the Civil group and societies which were involved in the project “Let’s keep Smrekovec alive”. The Nature Conservation Union Smrekovec was officially established on 21st of February 2005 by The Alpine Society Šoštanj, The Hunting Society Smrekovec-Šoštanj and The Forest Society Savinja.

On the first assembly on 4th of April 2005, we elected members of the Union board for the mandate 2005 – 2009:
President: Iztok Hrastel
Vice-President: Darko Menih
Secretary: Martina Pečnik
Managing committee: Ado Cverlin, Anton Časl, Danilo Čebul, Damjan Jevšnik, Irena Brložnik, Marjan Zazijal, Miran Čas, Peter Rezman, Tomaž Acman.
Supervisory committee: Bojan Rotovnik, Damijan Kljajič, Pavle Lesjak.

The first assembly adopted the statute and programme guidelines for the first mandate:
• The assurance of optimal conditions for preservation of capercailie and biodiversity;
• Performance of educational programmes, especially together with elementary schools and youth society sections;
• Establishment of the active connection among societies and local communities in the area of the Smrekovec highlands (the municipalities Šoštanj, Mozirje, Ljubno ob Savinji, Črna na Koroškem);
• Maintenance  of the information flow among members, local people and municipalities;
• Organisation of one joint member action (once per year);
• Establishment of the active connection between municipalities;
• Smoothening of traffic and negative impacts on nature environment;
• Helping with the organisation of studing courses in villages
• Work on public relations
• Issuing of a book  about the Smrekovec highlands and a documentary film;
• Supporting the research activities;
• Environmental education and matchmaking
• Preparation of pilot projects for the sustainable development of villages under the Smrekovec highlands, in close work with the local people.




Warm welcome to all societies and supporting organisations that would like to join nature conservation initiatives! A membership fee is of symbolic meaning, it amounts 50 €. When you affiliate to the Union, you are obligated to sign the membership contract and send it in two examples to our address:

Naravovarstvena zveza Smrekovec
Bele Vode 18a
3325 Šoštanj

Welcome with you ideas and initiatives if you care and wish to preserve our nature!



MEMBERS of Nature Conservation Union Smrekovec

ALPINE SOCIETY ŠOŠTANJ, Kajuhova cesta 15, 3325 Šoštanj
ALPINE SOCIETY VELENJE, Prešernova cesta 22d, 3320 Velenje
HUNTING SOCIETY SMREKOVEC, p.p. 30, 3325 Šoštanj
FOREST SOCIETY SAVINJA, Savinjska cesta 4, 3331 Nazarje

ALPINE SOCIETY LJUBNO OB SAVINJI, Cesta v Rastke 12, 3333 Ljubno ob Savinji
ALPINE SOCIETY ČRNA NA KOROŠKEM, Center 101, 2393 Črna na Koroškem



Statute of Nature Conservation Union Smrekovec
Membership Contract